Klango 3: Changelog

2011-04-11: Klango 3.5.3

* support for German, Spanish and American Spanish IVONA TTS voices.

2010-12-17: Klango 3.5.2

* fixed/added: Klango loads lexical rules for Ivona TTS from now on.
* fixed/added: board notifications, moderation.
* fixed: playing avatars.
* fixed: clock uses system settings again.
* fixed: issue in YouTube player.
* fixed: some other minor issues.

2010-12-01: Klango 3.5

* the whole family of IVONA text-to-speech voices is available for free in Klango Player.
* voice private messages are free from now on.
* audio streaming in voice forums and voice PMs instead of the
download-and-then-play scheme.
* noticable improvements in the internet radio player module.
* recording of YouTube clips should work better.
* Klango Player should start faster from now on.
* Klango Player should work faster in general - we've got a faster server.
* uninstalling audio themes.
* Hall of fame - a new shape.
* editing forum threads' data - changing threads' titles.
* some bugs are fixed, mostly low-level bugs, also in installer.
* PLUS lots of changes related to the new shape of the whole Klango Network service. Some important functions have been removed from Klango and are available only on the website: user account creation and management, Klango Shop & Points.

2010-09-17: Klango 3.2.4

* a minor refinement for the Klango Points mechanism.
* plus few bug fixes (YouTube, QWV, Forums).

2010-09-09: Klango 3.2.3

* added: forum: spatial positioning of posts (authors) - for now, only in the "play all" mode.
* added: forum: a totally new search mechanism (please test it).
* added: forum: access to the "user menu" in voice threads.
* added: forum: numeration of posts in threads for better orientation (especially for moderators).
* added: extended youtube error messages.
* updated: the codecs library - may cause some media to play better.
* changed: pasting a note doesn't erase text field's contents: the note is appended.
* fixed: forum: the "more" option in threads doesn't jump to the first list element anymore.
* fixed: forum: deleting and editing posts don't close the form (requested mainly by forum moderators).
* fixed: all special win7 folders are visible from now on.
* fixed: an issue with the "what's new" collection elements.
* fixed: deleting items from the media catalogue history.
* fixed: adding media to favorites.
* fixed: the F11+F12 bug.
* plus: some other minor, behind-the-scenes tweaks.

2010-07-06: Klango 3.2.2

* added: new function in the Klango media player - a subtitles reader. It looks for a .txt file with the same name and reads it during media playback. It works only with your local audio/video files. The only supported format of the .txt file is MPL2. Are audio-description tracks available in .txt files?
* added: from now on Quick Web View can play audio files directly from websites.
* added: new functions in the internal Klango Audio Engine -- for high precision reading of the Daisy audiobook format. The Klango Daisy Player application is being tortured by the Klango Testers group. A public release will take place soon.
* removed: no more (hated *smile*) V.I.P. audio icon on forums and other places.
* updated: language packs.

2010-06-08: Klango 3.2.1

* changed: much better user experience on voice forums.
* changed: better audio quality (higher bitrate) for voice forums and voice PMs.
* changed: voice forum posts may be longer from now on: 120 seconds.
* added: volume normalization for voice recordings.
* added: audio markers during voice recording. They signal 50% and 75% of recording time. There is also one marker 5 seconds before the end of recording.
* updated: codecs library, in particular: better AAC support.
* fixed: looping of youtube clips.
* fixed: some bugs on forums.

2010-05-26: Klango 3.2

* added: Voice Forums,
* added: the "Play all posts" function for all forum threads.
* changed: vastly improved user interface for Accessible Software Database,
* fixed: the YouTube issue (a quick fix),
* fixed: deleting forum posts,
* some other fixes.

2010-02-25: Klango 3.1.1

* added: action "Send PM to the author of this comment" in blogs,
* added: element "Klango Storage Service Information" in KStorage dialog box,
* changed: folder "Klango Recordings" renamed to "Klango Downloads and Recordings" (only inside Klango, actual folder on disc keeps its name),
* fixed: a bug crashing "Klango Twitter" and "Wikipedia Browser",
* fixed: small bugs in "Accessible software database" and "Klango storage",
* fixed: crash when replying to private message with quotation,
* fixed: silence during user verification in Klango Points and profile settings,
* fixed: problem with selecting sound theme after downloading.

2010-02-24: Klango 3.1

* Klango Points - the new dimension of Klango, new possibilities, the tool which allow us belive in great future of the whole Project.
* Klango Shop - a place where you can exchange your Klango Points for various Klango services. The following five points describe the first services related to Klango Points.

* Donating authors of free content with Klango Points. Don't forget to thank them for their work! The service is currently available in the audio themes and language versions menus.
* Klango VIP status. Names of users who are members of the Klango VIP Lodge are listed in the Klango Hall of Fame and are presented differently in various places of Klango. Membership in the Lodge is simple way of supporting the Klango Project. Available in the Klango Shop.

* Voice Private Messages. Don't type! Just say what you want to say!
* Klango Storage service, a great service for those who want to store files online, access them anywhere, and for those who want to share files with friends. Good functionality for minimal fees. Now in 25% off promotion.
* Mega Avatar. Extension of the popular service which allows you to upload longer audio samples.

* Accessible Software Database: replaces previous mechanism of "external programs". The A.S.Db. is available in the Programs menu. At the current stage of developement it allows you to enter opinions about software you use. We are working on a web site dedicated to the A.S.Db.
* The audio presentation of Klango has been made available in Klango (the Media menu).

* groups: possibility of banning people who are not members of your group. It should be good for forums - no more jumping-in, posting and unsubscribing.
* blogs: timezone setting has been added.
* media playback: better handling of jumps in media stream (left and right arrows).
* media playback: codec library has been updated,
* security issues, for example one have to re-enter password in some places in Klango - during ganging user profile, in Klango Points.
* notes can be shared with groups with read-only access rights.
* all text areas: possibility of pasting Klango notes.
* lots of minor fixes.

2009-12-03: Klango 3.0.2

* fixed: translator in klango textareas, new languages were added too,
* fixed: access to the guest account without internet connection (playing local media files),
* changed: general speed improvements in a few places in Klango (media catalog and others),
* changed: proxy server detection: Klango should start faster on some systems,
* fixed: several smaller issues found in Klango and blogs,
* added: missing texts in twitter code,
* updated: language packs for Klango.

2009-10-29: Klango 3.0.1

* added: e-mail notifications in "What's new" system for all types of events.
* removed: notifications about new threads in Forum by e-mail (now it's included in "What's new" system)

* changed: "Settings" menu elements has been put in order
* added: possibility to disable open/close sounds in all modal dialogs ( menus, splashes, collections, etc. ) (under "Settings", "Interface options")

* added: possibility to set custom Klango start sound (place file named 'start.wav' in Klango Data Directory)
* added: possibility to set custom Klango audiologo sound (place file named 'audiologo.wav' in Klango Data Directory)

* added: simple dialog for playing avatars
* fixed: small change in p2p engine. Klango Chat may work better now.

* fixed: bug with creating/editing posts
* few small fixes. Thanks for your error reports!

2009-10-20: Klango 3

* added: Favourite Forums list - available at the top of forums list. Use the menu in forums to add new entries.
* added: Favourite Blogs list - available at the top of blogs list. Use the menu in blogs to add new entries.
* added: totally new notification system notifies you about PMs, new posts on your favorite blogs and forums, new posts in followed threads, status changes of your contacts and when somebody adds you to her/his contacts list. There are also some other notifications... :) You can customize the notifications in the Settings menu and a list of all events is always available under F12.
* added: history of status changes. You can browse and delete them.
* added: searching in group forums.
* added/fixed: more radio stations from the "Media Catalog" are supported. Radio station error messages have been extended.
* fixed: youtube: plays in stereo finally and more kinds of video clips are supported.
* added: USA divided into states in Media Catalogue.
* added: the "unknown" item in languages, to avoid random or accidental lang and country settings.
* added: posibility of deleting forum posts and threads for forum moderators.
* added: blacklist - You can set up Your personal list of users that you don't want to receive messages from.
* changed: A new menu item "Send feeedback" instead of Opinions 'write to the authors' and 'Report problem' menu items.
* changed: Help Menu items: "Information about the program", "ChangeLog" and "Questions and Answers" switched to more functional, translatable documentation system.
* changed: a new structure of public forums - all national forums have their moderators. Forums have been grouped into "Klango Community Groups".
* removed: mysterious "Sunny Window" :)
* fixed: Downloading files from within Quick Web View.
* fixed: Twitter settings form in Klango.
* fixed: tons of other bugs. Thanks for your feedback! ...and support. K-Team 20.10.2009.

2009-08-07: version 3.0 BETA-7

* Added/Fixed: multiple forums administration in groups.
* Fixed: blogs: problem with empty comments.

2009-07-31: version 3.0 BETA-6

* groups: Added: Possibility to have multiple forums in one group. You can add or delete forums using group menu.
* changed shortcut for "Quick Web Viewer" from "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F11" to "Shift+F11".
* changed 3D position of menu sounds. Problems regarding menus being too silent should be fixed.
* changed: connecting to Klango P2P Network should be faster. (check it in Klango Chat).
* FIXED: A bug not allowing to set alarm at some hours using 12 hour format.
* FIXED: Klango Versions in users visiting cards are now proper.
* 100 last updated avatars: "Ctrl+I" will display a visiting card of selected person.
* blogs: Added: Alphafind feature enabled in more places.
* blogs: Changed: Blog is not automatically created during registration of a new user.
* blogs: Changed: Lists of last updated, most commented, and most active blogs are longer.
* blogs: Added: Option to disable comments by default.

2009-07-22: version 3.0 BETA-5

* Fixed: some stability issues - klango should not crash at start anymore.
* Changed: new, better version of codecs library. Old version caused hangs sometimes.
* Changed: the limit of 1 group per user has been removed.
* Installer: Added and updated languages: et, ru, hr.

2009-07-17: version 3.0 BETA-4

* Blogs: Fixed: while creating a new entry in "All posts" section, there aren't preselected categories.
* Blogs: Added: "Add a new entry" option under menu on categories level.
* Blogs: Added: Alphafind feature enabled in the list of entries, pages, categories and so on.
* Avatars: Added: Alphafind feature enabled in the list of last upadted avatars

2009-07-14: version 3.0 BETA-3

* P2P engine: Improved: in many cases the connection problems should disappear.
* Blogs: Fixed: After adding new comment the new comment is immediately visible in the list of comments.
* Blogs: Fixed: After managing posts, changes are visible immediately (manual refreshing using Control R is no longer needed).
* Blogs: Improved: Posts management - adding/removing posts to/from categories.

2009-07-09: version 3.0 BETA-2

* Fixed: problems with authorization after restarting Klango. For example blogs should work better now after restart.
* Fixed: Radio stations should not start at ultra-slow speed anymore.
* Fixed: Time compression during media playback (shift right arrow keys).
* Added: A "Report Problem" item in the Help menu of all klango applications. Use it to report us problems which doesn't cause klango to crash but disturbs you a lot.
* Changed: Information dialog for youtube media shows their URLs from now.
* Fixed: Prompters: Help text has been updated - now it lists the correct set of shortcut keys for navigation.
* Added: Avatars: You can find the list of 100 last modified avatars under the Klango Community menu.
* Fixed: Blogs: settings form wasn't available in some cases.
* Fixed: Blogs: a problem with adding posts to existing categories.
* Added: Blogs: You can now create a new category by pressing insert key in the collection of categories while choosing a category for your new post.
* Added: Blogs: possibility of massive category assignments - you can assign many posts to single category at once from now.

2009-07-03: version 3.0 BETA

a lot of new features, tweaks, ...

It would be hard to list them all here. *smile*

Please refer to the main klango.net web page.

2009-04-03: version 2.0.9

* fixed: YouTube issue
* updated: non-english language versions

2008-11-27: version 2.0.8

* added: item "Translate" in all text-areas' menus which translates current text (or selected fragment of it) using Google Translate service. There are several languages available and automatic language detection for source text.
* added: item "Send as a message" in all text-areas' menus which sends text as a PM
* added: the "QuickText" form (a single text-area) available at any time under control-shift-F11. It's very handy feature which allows you to use all text area functions whenever you need them.
* added: "My Geo-locations" menu item in the "Klango Network" menu. There, you can select as many geo-locations as you want and you can select your primary location which will be added to your visiting card. Klango uses here external, hierarchical geographical data provided by superb geonames.org web services.
* added: "People Geo-search" function in the "Klango Network/Community" menu. This function simply returns a list of Klango users with matching primary geo-locations.
* added: "Settings/Startup mode" menu item which allows you to set a mode of interaction between Klango and Windows. There are three options available: "normal" (like in KP 2.0.7 or earlier), "minimize to tray" and "start with windows".
* added: shortcut keys "y" and "n" for all yes-no choices.
* fixed: "alt-k problem" in main menu of Klango.
* fixed: adding files to playlist. Now Klango correctly deals with file names containing "non-standard" characters.
* added: support for speex audio format (in standard .spx container).
* changed: some low-level procedures for time-streching (compression). Now shift-up-down shouldn't generate unexpected errors.
* cosmetic changes: in polls, new users collection, who's online and in some other places.

2008-11-18: version 2.0.7

* fixed: stability should be improved. There should be less errors during startup and in some audio functions of the program;
* changed: time compresion algorithm (shift up-down during playback). Please let us know if it works better;
* fixed: some small bugs related to shoutcast radio stations;
* changed: klango network menu - items related to the community have been grouped into a single submenu;
* added: menu item "new users" in the new submenu;
* changed: polls in the vote machine are now presented as a tree;
* updated: italian and russian translations;
* some other, but mainly minor issues.

2008-11-07: version 2.0.6

* fixed: avatars (uploading and downloading)
* fixed: youtube (searching)
* fixed: error in collections (Poll Creator problems)
* changed: some "splash" messages have been removed (in avatars, in saying current song title and so on)
* fixed: some other errors (favorites, what's new, entering email addresses). Thanks for error reports and comments.
* updated: language files (to the current state of KTC).

2008-10-24: version 2.0.5

* added: (audio) avatars - try "play avatar" in visiting card's menu. You can upload/play/delete your own avatar in menu klango network/my account/my avatar settings. All files playable by Klango can serve as avatars. Maximum size of file = 512KB.
* added: more user info in Visiting Cards.
* updated: language versions de, hu, ru, pl
* fixed: a sapi5 issue which could cause a "no voice in klango" problem. If you had such complications, please test if it has fixed something. Please let us now.
* fixed: OpenaAL is dynamically loaded now. This fix can resolve problems with pendrive installations, because if there is no openal available at a host system, then DX mode is used instead.
* fixed: tagging media in catalog

2008-10-20: version 2.0.4

* a new option in the "settings/language version" menu - "update language packs" which downloads the newest translations for the current application. Lang packs are downloaded directly from the Klango Translation Center. For more info about translations, please click the "Klango in your language" link at the klango.net.
* Readme and Changelog files (menu "Help") are downloaded directly from the Klango Info Center. Both files are now available also in the "download/update programs" menu.
* People Search - in the "Klango Network" menu. It checks klangoids and visiting cards, so if you want to be found on particular keywords - type them into your visiting card.
* Control S says the name of the current song on the radio. Usually, it starts working after a few seconds after starting playback.
* fixed microphone: somewhat better quality of recordings, and shortcut key has been changed - microphone is now under F11 (with the WIN key outside Klango)
* changed: programmers console shortcut key - it's now control F2.

2008-10-15: version 2.0.3

* added: possibility of making your own favorites available to other users. Please check new menu items in media - "Manage an access to your favorites" and "Make your favorites public". (This feature is in beta stage, and it's an appetizer before KP 2.1)
* added: simple dictaphone. You can start/stop recording from a microphone (at any place in the program) by pressing control grave. The same shortcut works as a hotkey when klango is minimized.
* added: new menu item in all text areas - "export as" which can save the text in the form of a KP note, plain text file and mp3 file.
* added: another possibility in all text areas - "spell the current line" - press control S.
* added: "the sound of waiting" added at Player's startup.
* added: developer console (for more info please refer to http://klango.net/dev/).
* changed: in the vote machine, one has to mark its answers by pressing spacebar.
* fixed: external applications - works better on chinese windows.
* fixed: changing a speech synthesis in klango programs works better now.
* fixed: some minor bugs in youtube playback.
* fixed: removing private data ("my profile" menu) don't hang klango.
* fixed: one minor bug in the installer.

2008-10-09: version 2.0.2

* fixed: some issues concerning speech synthesis
* fixed: "show more" function at forum
* fixed: polls - better formatting of numbers

2008-10-07: version 2.0.1

* added: missing openal dll file
* fixed: syntesis bug

2008-10-06: Klango Player 2.0 Final

Changes concerning stability and compatibility:

* A new installer and update systems which are more compatible with Vista (User Access Control).
* Installer is now monitored and in a case of errors one can send the report to us.
* A new OpenAL setup procedure - it should fix many problems with "standard" (non-DX mode) setting including the bug with the SoundBlaster Live sound card.
* A new startup sequence - synthesiser checks at startup was generating a lot of problems. Corrupted or incompatible synths sometimes hung the whole program by generating low-level, uncatchable errors.
* Some modifications in our SAPI4 routines have been made, so SAPI4-compilant voices can work better in some cases.
* Network traffic between the player and our server has been lowered. The whole network is now better prepared to for greater number of users.
* a new item in the klango network/my account menu has appeared: "change password". :)

Major new features of the Klango Player:

* An access to YouTube videos and searching.
* An access to an experimental Klango Software Catalog. We invite other developers to submit their software there. External programs are available to easy download, install and run from the Player's menu.
* A client for our voting mechanism. Separate Klango Program for creating polls will be available soon.

Other new media playback features:

* New useful function in podcasts and audiobooks - for each media source, klango remembers the place where their playback has been stopped, and one can continue to listen from that place ...after few days, for example.

Changes in messaging and blogs:

* By pressing F12 one can run an on-demand checking for new messages.
* Forwarding of private messages is now possible.
* "Most frequently updated blogs" and "Last updated blogs" items in the microBlog menu.

Some minor changes in menus:

* Who's online function: now you can figure out the nationality of (or language used by) Klango users. With control-S you can spell the name of selected user.
* One can press spacebar in synthesisers' menu to hear the voice of selected synthesizer. It can be used as a compatibiliy test for voices.

Important changes in the user interface:

* Typing echo settings - under the F8 key.
* Help pages under F1 are now regular textarea dialogs, so you can navigate through the text.
* Files - the "alphafind" function has been turned on, which means that one can seek for files by directly entering their names.
* Forms - "go to field" menu function is now presented in the form of a collection with alphafind function. It should be a great help in navigating in some long forum threads, for example.
* Textareas and editlines (one-line-textareas) have separate audio markers from now.
* We've added missing shortcuts in the main menu of the player and some missing descriptions in help files.

Bug fixes:

* the famous "huge issue" concering temporary files has been solved.
* ...and tenths of other minor bugs has been fixed.. :)

And finally, updates and additions of language packs:

* German by Martin Kirchner,
* Hungarian by Robert Osztolykan
* Czech by Vojtěch Polášek

2008-07-14: Klango Player Beta Patch 3

* added: Hungarian translation by Rob
* added: four new audio themes
* fixed: German translation by Martin Kirchner
* fixed: minor forum bugs

2008-07-07: Klango Player Beta Patch 2

* added: ChangeLog is now available in the "Help" menu *smile*.
* added: the rest of German translation by Martin Kirchner.
* fixed: another bug in MMS. Thank you for sening us error reports!
* fixed: adding new stations which don't provide its title in its own stream.

2008-07-05: Klango Player Beta Patch 1

* added: the first part of German language version by Martin Kirchner.
* fixed: bug in MMS. Stations like CBC should work now.