Klango Player, free client software

  • Please note: in order to use Klango Player, a Klango Network account is required. If you haven't one yet - create an account now (it's free) or let the software redirect you to the website later.
  • There are three installation modes of the software:
    • quick and easy one-click installation in the default folder.
    • pendrive USB installation which gives you portable version of Klango Player,
    • advanced mode (use it only when you know what you are doing),
  • Speech synthesizers:
    • ESpeak, a free multilingual speech synthesiser can be downloaded during installation.
  • Hardware requirements of Klango Player:
    • An internet connection to access Klango Network (playing and recording local media files is possible without it),
    • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7.
    • disk space: 30MB plus additional space for downloaded content (multimedia, audio themes),
    • CPU and memory: your PC should be good enough,
    • any working soundcard.
  • Download the latest version of Klango Player
  • Log of changes
  • language versions: English and others
  • License
  • Acknowledgments

Additional Klango Software

NVDA, the free screen reader

  • This free screen reader gives free access to Windows PC and internet for all.
  • Install NVDA everywhere and don't forget to donate the project! It's worth it.
  • Download and install NVDA now.