Additional Klango software

Klango Programs are additional applications which can be downloaded, installed and launched directly from Klango Player's menu. All Klango Programs use the Klango Player as an "engine", use its aural interface elements and its rich set of audio and network functions.

You need to download and install Klango Player in order to run below programs.

Wikipedia Browser

A dedicated Klango interface for browsing Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.

Shopping with Klango

Dedicated browser for the largest web store on the planet - Amazon.

Klango Math Tools

Novel educational program featuring programmable (and social!) calculator and a generator of audio graphs of functions.

Klango Typist

This application can be used by new computer users to learn how to use keyboard or by advanced users who want to type faster.

Klango Chat

Simple chat application.

Klango Twitter

Klango interface for Twitter

Prompter Creator

Application for creating Klango Prompters.

Poll Creator

Creating and managing your own polls and surveys which can be published to Klango users.

Klango Piano

Simple piano with possibility to assign own sounds for different keyboard keys.

Long Jump

Simple but addictive olympic audio game with an internet list of high scores.

SoundScape Zawisza Czarny

an aural picture of the largest scout's sailing vessel in the world. Recorded by bitomek.

Simple Puzzle

Klango version of classical puzzle game often called Magic Eight or Magic Fifteen. It contains special levels with different shapes of game board.

Dice Poker

a variation of Yahtzee dice game for one or more players.

Chat with Elbot

Chat with a robot ...or maybe it is a human?


Skeet shooting - a simple olympic audio game with an internet list of high scores.