About Klango

Klango is a social network in which audio plays an important role. If you like (or have) to listen, and especially if you like to listen to people and discuss, then Klango Network is the best internet place for you. You'll hear thousands of voices here, voices from all continents, human voices and artifical voices, sad and happy.
Just listen to the World ...and be yourself.

The Klango.Net website, completely re-built recently to be more accessible and useful, will help you to find new friends, stay in contact with them and disscuss countless subjects in Klango Groups. You can send text and voice messages, discuss on forums, manage your online board, have an audio avatar, keep your notes and links online. Klango WebTool will help you in everyday web surfing and make sharing with friends easy. Customizable keyboard shorcuts, various display modes, audio themes and notifications and support for microphone are features you simply can't find on other websites. We are proud of the new Klango Network website. Read more about new cool features of Klango.Net.

If the new Klango.Net's web interface is not enough for you, then try to log in using our versatile client software, Klango Player. Klango Player is one of the most original and acclaimed accessible software ever created, nominated twice for the Blind Bargains Access Awards in the category Best Software Product. Just read these Testimonials. For almost three years, Klango Player opens the world of internet and media to visually impaired persons around the world, joins people, allows to get to know different cultures, helps in learning foreign languages, gives fun and enjoyment and simply helps people in thier lives. It's impossible to list all features Klango Player offers in one place. You may listen to this (quite old) audio presentation and have to try the software yourself.

If our web site and built-in features of Klango Player are still not enough for you, then you should enter into additional Klango software. The client software, Klango Player, offers several additional accessible audio applications: audio games, mathematical software, Klango client software for other web services such as Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia and Amazon. To use those applications, simply use the "Programs" menu in the Klango Player. We are sure that you'll find there something interesting there. Here is the list of all Additional Klango Software.

You can sign up and use Klango Network for free. You can download and use Klango Player for free. There are however few paid functions and applications for those who want to give something from themselves.

Need more info or help? Please refer to the help page which is being created together with the Klango Community.

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Who are we?

Klango Network is managed by the Klango Community - Klango Senators, Moderators, Translators, Media Catalog Administrators and lots of other great people from all continents of our planet.

Klango Network is operated and developped by Simplito, a software house headquartered in ToruĊ„, Poland, Europe.

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