About Klango

Klango was a project of exploring and creating audio-only user interfaces (Aural UI) and applications. It began in 2004 when the first Klango audio game was created and published. Development of the project ended in 2012 - Klango was then a social network equipped with many audio-only applications. Listen to the "Klango commercial" (2010). Services of the Klango Network were finally shut down on May 24th 2018.


What next?
We keep our @klango Twitter account and publish all klango-related info there. We plan to publish Klango Media Catalog somehow, and we will inform about that in the near future. At the moment, we do not have any other precise plans related to Klango. Please follow @klango on Twitter.

Will the source code of Klango be opened?
Maybe some parts, someday. Most of the source code is not suitable for publication.

I'm interested in buying your database
We are sorry, we do not sell our users' data. By the way: all of the klango data were permanently deleted on May 24th 2018.

I would like to buy the source code...
Currently, we do not have such offer, but who knows? In any business matters, please contact us via our simplito.com website.